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about Lesotho

Lesotho is a land of mountains, heights and extremes.  When driving through the country, you’ll see mountains, lot’s of mountains, in every shape and in every form. There is no way to avoid them, but just to enjoy it when passing through.  Often referred to as the "Switzerland of Africa" or “Kingdom in the sky”,it is blessed with a beautiful, often snow-capped range of mountains, the Maluti.Lesotho is mostly visited as part of a South African trip but if you love the outdoors, are adventurous and want something unique, there is quite a lot to discover and to experience in the kingdom of Lesotho.

Katse dam

Katse Dam is described as “a striking piece of modern engineering”,  it is built in the Lesotho Maluti Mountains and is at the centre of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.It is also a popular holiday destination, providing plenty of water-based activities.  Enjoy boat trips and cruises along this majestic dam, and experience breathtaking sunsets. The flora surrounding the dam is of photographic beauty while bird life abounds and the winter months find the surrounds sprinkled with snow. 

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The Maletsunyane Falls near Semonkong is the highest single-drop waterfall in Africa at 192 m. Neatly hidden away in an incredible gorge, you can experience quite dramatic views of Africa's highest single-drop waterfall.  Pristine and spectacular and scenic. You can sit by the big rocky outcrop and watch the highest fall in Africa flowing majestically.The way to reach the falls is spectacular, via 4x4 vehicles, pony trekking or hiking, through beautiful fields and local villages.. An out of this world experience. For the daring ones, it doesn't get more authentic than a donkey pub crawl through Semonkong to sample the local beer.

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Sani Pass, is the mother of all South African mountain passes and ends in Lesotho. The Pass is untarred and remains a challenging drive in 4x4 vehicles with all the drama, scenery, bad weather and treacherous conditions expected of a pass with a summit altitude of 2876m. Lesotho is home to the highest altitude pub in Africa at 2874 metres above sea level. It’s located right at the border of Lesotho with South Africa at the end of the iconic Sani Pass. A cold beer in summer or a gluhwein in winter is very welcome when driving this scenic pass starting in South Africa and to top it all off, you’ll have an amazing view from the top.

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