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Soft, white sand, sapphire blue water and secluded, unspoiled beaches make Mozambique the perfect beach getaway.  A Mozambique holiday is the perfect excuse to kick off your shoes, take off your watch and gear down to the slow pace of island life: swim, snorkel, laze in the sunshine or set sail on a sunset dhow cruise.The Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos are some of the most romantic and secluded beach destinations in the world - ideal for a honeymoon. BUT Mozambique is also so much more than a beach destination!  Gold, slaves, Ivory and Pirates! Mozambique’s distinct local style consists of a vibrant blend of African, Arab and Portuguese influences and provides a refreshing contrast to the other countries in the Southern Africa region. Its long and fascinating history makes this a must-visit.


The idyllic islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique are known for their unspoilt beauty and diverse ecologies. There  are  just crystal white beaches which squeak beneath your feet and convince you every time that yours are the first footprints they have ever experienced. This magnificent Archipelago consists of a group of islands and it is Mozambique’s only underwater marine national park.  The 4 main islands, Bazaruto, Benguera, Magaruque, and Santa Carolina are all situated some 35 km off the mainland and are accessible by boat, or small aircraft, from the town of Vilanculos. Accommodation is predominately top end lodges, many offering activities such as diving, surfing, fishing and other watersports in the clear blue waters.

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Vilanculos is a popular gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. It offers long pristine beaches and dazzling views to take your breath away. The beautiful bay has calm and shallow waters which are ideal for watersports and fun in the sun. The town is a few kilometres inland from the bay where visitors will find restaurants and bars, banks, fuel, markets and basic supplies. The local markets have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and various arts and crafts. Famous Mozambique prawns and beers are readily available at a number of town eateries or at lodge / resort restaurants on the bay.

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The Quirimbas Archipelago of Mozambique is an idyllic destination, with over 30 coral reef islands boasting pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and perfect diving sites. Once used as trading posts, the islands are now an eclectic mix of culture and architecture. Ibo Island is a romantic, colonial destination with centuries-old architecture and history. Matemo Island is perfect for family holidays, while Medjumbe Island is a secluded, romantic escape. Vamizi Island offers luxury, exciting dive and fishing sites. Quilalea Island is the most exclusive and eco-chic destination. Accessible by boat transfer or air charter from Pemba, these islands are not overrun by tourists, making for a perfect, off-the-beaten-path getaway.

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Ilha de Mozambique is the quintessential Unesco World Heritage site destination. It was once a trading post for gold, ivory and slaves for Portuguese ships plying the route to India. It is Africa’s version of Cuba: a tropical climate with a mix of buildings where time has virtually stood still, where an exciting collection of religions and cultures live side by side, and much natural beauty that is only now starting to emerge from decades of relative isolation. The old part of the island is full of historical and architectural features. Numerous buildings, some constructed of coral, date back to the 16th century. An intriguing and fascinating island  with a stunning coastline of warm water, nodding palm trees, excellent seafood and a place largely undiscovered by tourists.

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The vibrant city of Maputo (formerly Lourenco Marques) is the capital of Mozambique and was once all the rage for jetsetters in years gone by. Its exotic Portuguese colonial history and beauty drew many visitors prior to the civil war in the 1970s and 80s.In recent years, Maputo is back in the spotlight and in the process of rejuvenation. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage, architecture and customs while enjoying fresh peri peri prawns and great local beer at numerous restaurants and hotels. The city enjoys a reputation for good nightlife with a variety of bars and discos

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Once the Eden of Africa, and considered to be one of the best game parks in Africa, the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is returning to its former glories after years of civil war and mass poaching. Once one of the most diverse reserves in Africa, with many endemic species, Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique became a virtual wasteland in the 1980's when rival armies competed for meat and ivory during the long civil war.  This is not the place to be if you are interested in box-ticking the big five, but it is absolutely the place to come if you want to experience African "otherness" and just you and the bush.

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Mozambique has exceptional dive sites, home to diverse marine life including Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Dolphins, and tropical fish. The Quirimbas Archipelago has the largest Marine Protection Area on the African continent, safeguarding coral reefs, mangrove forests, and rare species like Dugongs. The Southern Maputo Protection Area provides a sanctuary for nesting marine turtles and conserving offshore reef ecosystems. Inhambane attracts Whale Sharks year-round, making it a must-visit for scuba divers. The pristine reefs and unexplored dive sites around Medjumbe are also a best-kept secret.

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